I’m the one on the left… Just in case!

Coffee drinker, runner, gay, teacher, writer, bloke with a computer and a temperamental internet connection.

I have lots of questions and none of the answers – isn’t that the best way to be?

Hopefully writing this blog will create headspace and at least generate some new questions, even if it doesn’t answer any of the old ones! I hope it holds something that interests you. If anything sparks an idea, I’m always looking to chat.

Here’s a run down of what you might find:

Life: Musings on life in general, current affairs and anything else that pops into my mind. All opinions are my own – who else’s would they be?

Learning: Or probably more accurately, teaching. I teach English for a living and spend a lot of my time thinking about curriculum, pedagogy and educational philosophy. I don’t go in for the Trad vs Prog debate: as far as I’m concerned they’re all just tools that a good teacher uses to create the best opportunities for their students.

Literature: You’ve got to practise what you preach! It’s refreshing to write criticism without the stress of assessment and on books that I’ve chosen to read! I’m not going to claim that they represent the height of academic achievement but there might be something interesting in there.

Language: Going back to my roots. My first academic interest was in the workings of language and that continued through university and on to today. I’ve even got the elbow patches to prove it! I’m particularly interested in the role of language in identity performance and developing critical literacy to help combat some of the naughty men that have somehow weaselled their way in charge!

Happy reading!